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Your partner in risk mitigation and corporate investigation consulting in Africa!

We take pride in being a premier risk mitigation and corporate investigation consulting firm in Africa headquartered in Uganda, East Africa.


Leading the way in corporate investigation and risk mitigation across Africa.


Empowering businesses with top-notch investigation services and strategic risk management for sustained growth and success.

Commitment Values:

Our core values guide every aspect of our operation, ensuring that we deliver services with the utmost professionalism, empathy, and effectiveness.
Magneto Limited, A Corporate Investigation Consulting Company in Africa. Risk Mitigation Company in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, East Africa

Core Services & Reach

Our suite of services encompasses Risk Advisory, Employee Background Check and Screening, Due Diligence, Corporate Investigation Consulting, Mystery Shopping, and Market Research.

With a team of dedicated professionals, including researchers, data collectors, investigators, lawyers, and IT experts, we bring a wealth of expertise to every client engagement.

While our influence spans the entire African continent, our primary focus lies in the vibrant East African region. We operate seamlessly in countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, and more to be added on, offering unparalleled services tailored to meet the unique needs of each locale.

Our Core Values

Proven Capability

We boast a track record of successfully handling complex investigative assignments, providing solutions tailored to your unique challenges.

Compassionate Approach

We understand that personal or business problems require not only expertise but also compassion. Our team is dedicated to providing support in your time of need.

Operational Excellence

With a 24/7/365 operating model, we are always ready to assist. We recognize that difficult situations can arise at any time, and we are here to provide the support you need.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Magneto Limited leverages the latest in technology and innovation to stay ahead of the curve. Our IT experts ensure that your investigations are conducted with the utmost efficiency and accuracy.

Who do we target?

Whether you are a private citizen, attorney, insurance company, recruitment agency, corporate or business owner, government official, or a member of law enforcement, Magneto Limited is here for you. Take the first step towards comprehensive risk management and corporate investigation consulting by reaching out for a FREE confidential consultation. Your peace of mind is just a call or message away!

Trust Magneto Limited – Your Partner in Navigating the Complexities of Risk and Investigation in Africa.

Our Service Divisions

Certainly! Magneto Limited, a Risk Mitigation and Corporate Investigation Consulting company in Africa, organizes its services into various divisions. This structure allows the company to offer a wide range of services tailored to the diverse needs of customers across different industries. Each division specializes in specific areas, ensuring that clients receive targeted solutions to their unique challenges. This approach enables Magneto Limited to effectively serve a broad spectrum of clients with varying requirements and demands.

Magneto Investigators, Corporate Investigations and Private Investigation Services in Uganda, East Africa

Magneto Investigators

Magneto Investigators focuses solely on corporate investigations and private investigation services throughout Africa. This division is dedicated to uncovering vital information and insights for businesses and individuals, assisting them in making informed decisions and mitigating risks. Whether it’s conducting background checks, surveillance operations, or forensic examinations, Magneto Investigators delivers thorough and confidential investigative services to meet the needs of clients across the continent.


Magneto Mystery Shopping, Magneto Limited Service Division for Mystery Shopping Services in Uganda, East Africa

Magneto Mystery Shopping

Magneto Mystery Shopping specializes in providing businesses with comprehensive Mystery Shopping services across Africa. Our dedicated division offers various types of Mystery Shopping, including in-store, online, phone, and competitor evaluations. We help businesses gain valuable insights into their customer service quality, operational efficiency by enhancing their customer experience, identifying areas for improvement, and staying ahead of the competition in the African market.


Magneto Insights, Magneto Limited Service Division for Research Services, Insights, Human Source enquiries experts in Uganda, East Africa

Magneto Insights & Research

Magneto Insights & Research specializes in providing comprehensive market research services and customized research reports tailored to the specific needs of businesses operating in Africa. We also provide growth consulting services, including human source inquiries and focus group discussions for clients to gain valuable insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes, empowering them to make strategic decisions and drive business growth in the African market.